Business Formation & M/WBE Certification

Starting a New Business

Having an idea with the thought of bringing it to fruition is very exciting. However, there may be many unanswered questions as to where do I begin? Maroon is here to help you answer all of your questions to make certain that you correctly set up the structure of your business. 


We will help guide you through the business structure that best fits your needs:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)

  • Corporation (S Corp  or C Corp)

  • Non-Profit (501(c)(3))

  • Professional Corporation  (P.C.)

  • Sole Proprietorship


Minority / Women Business Enterprise Certification (M/WBE)

According to the State of Small Business Survey

In 2018, 45% of Small Business Owners were minority ethnic groups

Statistics show only 28.6% of Minority Owned Business are Certified - while Minority Owned businesses represent 45% of Small Businesses owners statewide!


Maroon provides an efficient and effective certification service that will get you certified within 30 to 60 days providing all support requested by the business owner is submitted expeditiously.

Why is this certification important for minority businesses? The city provides $8.9B of contracts exclusive to small business owners. The city would like to encourage minority business owners to have access to city contracts as there are not enough minority businesses taking advantage of the contracts.

Maroon encourages minority businesses to get certified and improve your bottom line. Do not let opportunities past you by – take advantage of all revenue-driven opportunities; Maroon is here to help you.

According to the NY STATE Annual Fiscal Report for 2017 - 2018

Total Agency Spend (Total Value of Contracts): $8.9 BILLION

Minority Utilization (M/WBE Certified Usage): $2.5 BILLION

Resulting in 28.62% State Wide Participation in M/WBE Businesses

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