Personal Finance & Budget Planning

Maroon Strategist’s mission is to equip people with the power and tools to build businesses and financial independence in their communities, industries, and personal finances.


Our mission starts with basic education of the economy of money and the understanding of how to perform financial planning to create savings, additional streams of income, and wealth building strategies for you and your family.

According to the Associate Press, May 2016

2 out of 3 Americans have difficulty coming up with money to cover $1K in emergency expense.

3 out of 4 People in households making less than $50K have difficulty to come up with $1K in case of emergency.

2 out of 3 - of those making $50K to 100K have difficulty to come up with $1K in case of emergency.

20% of the country’s wealthiest making more than $100K a year …. 30% say they would have difficulty coming up with $1K in case of emergency.


Maroon provides a coaching service to teach individuals and families “HOW” to manage money and how to create wealth.  We are a no judgement zone and are here to help all individuals see the light at the end of the tunnel. There is no situation too difficult for us to help you to start managing money in the right way.


The package includes:

  • Personal and Business Finance Coaching         

  • First Meeting In Person - up to 2 hours            

  • Three 60 minute session follow ups

  • Customized Budget Template             

  • Customized Net Income and Expense Analysis

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